wpid-20151214010727.jpgSo now stated disassembling the restoring grand piano, Yamaha No.25. Loosening all screws, removing lid and other parts, and removing all strings and tuning pins. This time I will analyze the piano strings design. In order to do this, I need to know the diameters of the strings. Measuring this is done with micrometer. The entire scale will be arranged so this information is needed for calculation.

wpid-20151214010741.jpgIt’s really fun to take pictures of pianos from various point of view, literally. The macro lens is very much attractive as well


wpid-20151214010926.jpgwpid-20151214010802.jpgwpid-20151214010708.jpgJust before that, I did a customer’s piano action repair on this piano. This shop doesn’t have much space to work on several pianos at a time. It’s really fun, though.