Please call for tuning a piano. I will come anywhere for piano tuning, even on base or off base.

  • Upright Pianos: 12,100 yen
  • Grand Piano: 14,300 yen


  • Piano tuning is based on oral tuning. No electric tuner devise is used.
  • Credit card (VISA or Master) is acceptable. If paid by cash, there is a discount 500yen for upright and 600yen for grand.


If you are living in Okinawa for military service and dreaming to have a acoustic piano in your life, Piano Studio will be the best one to assist you. It would be a great opportunity to have a Japanese piano because the custom duty is not required for personal shopping! Some pianos may be about half of the price sold in the United States. Please visit our show room. There are upright and grand pianos available. I suggest that you make a phone call before your visit. English representative will make an appointment for you.

Grand Pianos

Piano Studio is very good at rebuilding grand pianos. The strings and hammers are replaced with brand new. Well tuned and regulated. If you are looking for specific model, please ask. The piano may be found somewhere in Japan. Although it costs extra shipping to Okinawa, still less expensive than buying one in the states!

Upright Pianos

There are fine upright pianos displayed. Please visit Piano Studio and try the sound.


We will help your piano moving. Please contact for details.


Piano School is available for all ages and all levels. Please call for further detail.

The instructors at Piano Studio are all graduated from musical college, specialists of music. Though all are non native English speakers, they are taking English lessons.

For those who are interested in learning piano from Japanese instructor, please make an appointment for free trial lesson, or call 926-0322 for further information.

for any assistance, please contact
098-926-0322 or letter@nangokupiano.com