wpid-20151216081456.jpgThe title is not in regard to piano musical “pieces”. This more about the piano is dismantled to “pieces”. The first one is the cast iron frame. This is the heaviest part of a piano which probably weights over 200 pounds.

ピアノ分解の続きです。記事のタイトルがPiano Piecesとなっていますが、これは「ピアノ曲」と「ピアノ分解」をかけたダジャレのようなものです。フレームを下す作業から始めました。

wpid-20151216081511.jpgThen the body is flipped. It seems like the piano is tortured but it’s indeed like an operation.


wpid-20151216081521.jpgHere the key bed is unscrewed.


wpid-20151216081550.jpgAnd the plates in the back to which the leg is attached.


wpid-20151216081559.jpgNow mounted on a set of saw horses and rest.


wpid-20151216081618.jpgThis view reminds me of the scene when Millennium Falcon was pulled into Death Star.


wpid-20151216081633.jpgThis is ever first time to realize that Yamaha ever hired this type of back action. Damper levers in today’s pianos return to their rest position by gravity, not force by springs. I thought this style was common for the U.S. pianos only.


wpid-20151216081650.jpgRemoving the coats by using the coat releasing agent. See how the surface of the piano is changing. It was like some unnatural phenomenon encroaching throughout the piano as if animated by CG. A video clip is uploaded on YouTube as below.