An upright piano’s top hinge was badly rust.  Maybe some liquid caused this trouble.  There were several strings broken on mid-treble part.  The piano seemed to have severe damage.  Those broken strings were replaced, and the hinge was to be repaired at the store.
I used to repair hinge whose trouble was caused by cat’s pee.  It was lubricated by applying oil but this time the hinge broke.  I’ve already told, in advance, the owner of the piano it would not be able to repair, so I thought about replacement.  But my decision was keep using it as far as the hinge does not produce resonance noise.  I polished the brass hinge and set it back to original position as well as explaining the owner what happened.  It was OK for the customer.  The suspect of this trouble I heard was actually a candle.  It somewhat melt and ran over and into the piano.  Then it was clear to me why it couldn’t lubricated.  May be it could if I heated the hinge.  Well, the hinge broke after all.  What’s done can’t be undone.




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