wpid-20160122092113.jpgThis Yamaha No.25 will have new repetitions in the action. So I took 1 out of 88 as a sample and send it to the supplier so they can measure and duplicate. Originally, Yamaha hired the French action created by Jean Schwander in 1844 (and later improved by the son-in-law Josef Herrburger), but today’s standard is another type merged with even older Brooks action. In some piano technicians’ opinion, newer action tends to provide stiffer keytouch. So what I will try is to replace the repetition first, then think about the best suite shanks for this action.

Yamaha No.25のアクション部品交換のための準備も始めます。まず今回はウイペンをシュワンダーからヘルツに交換するため、サンプルをメーカーさんに送ります。そしてこの部品をもとに新しいものを作ってくれるので、テストしてタッチの変化を見極めてからそのほかのパーツを注文することにしています。

wpid-20160122092125.jpgCast iron frame screws had been sent to a factory in Tokyo for re-plating. Now they are shiny.


wpid-20160122092104.jpgCoating the inside of the rim is still going on. May be this is the last time. The material ran out for this moment so have to wait a while, until additional arrives.