A set of Hammerheads is ordered through a German supplier. It’s Abel’ natural felt hammer with hornbeam moldings. I wanted to look every part being replaced looks as close to the original as possible, such as felts on cast iron, tuning pins, and action parts. The original hammers’ under felt was green, but at the time I ordered Abel had only blue, so this is the result. Well, it is the Natural Felt! We’ll hear how it sounds rather how it looks.

The hammer shanks are Japanese made product but the knuckles are from Germany. The knuckles are traditionally made with deer leather which some technicians prefer to replace it with synthetic leather recently. The deer leather is genuine while the synthetic is not affected by the humidified graphite, which gives friction between deer leather and the repetition and produce noises.

Hammer head boring device is a kind of complicated tool to use. But the operation was done successfully.